The Coptic Network And Coptic Web: An Introduction

By Frank Logi  06-16-2013

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The daughters and sons of the church are proud of themselves for defending steadfastly the Christian religion. Egypt was then the refuge for the Holy Family as it has also been mentioned in Bible. The modern technological age of internet and computer now offers the complete information about the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt to all the interested people who want to know the history of Christian faith irrespective of their own religion. It is primarily called Coptic Network, or Copt-Net.

The Coptic Network is considered as the first Christian fellowship available on the internet that is dedicated towards the services of the expatriate Coptic Orthodox community. It was founded in 7th January, 1992. It was later chartered as 'Christian fellowship dedicated to the service of the emigrant Coptic Orthodox community' later on 22nd August, 1992. Copt-Net aims to fulfill its aims through primarily two channels, i.e. Copt-Net Digest and the Coptic Web.

The Copt-Net Digest is the primary mode of communication and association between the members of the Copt-Net. Among others, coordination of the Church activities is the main goal of the Copt-Net Digest. The main activities are as follows: Sunday School service, translation of Liturgical texts and Hymns, youth conventions, and exchange of the relevant information and news concerning the said Church.

Secondly, the Coptic Web is the website of Copt-Net dedicated to the public. It features a widespread range of articles and e-artifacts which are primarily written and contributed by different individuals and members of the website. The website also includes the comprehensive and authentic indices and other resources of interest for members of the Coptic community.

The general public is also permitted to access this information in order to know about the leading even in the Christian history. Additionally, the Encyclopedia Coptica also offers a vast exposure and introduction about the Coptic Web through a thorough historical introduction of the Coptic Church and the people who are associated with it. It also adds various links to the artifacts and articles that are primarily published on the web page.

The Coptic Network does not call itself an association or an organization. Also, the contents such as articles and artifacts available to the general public through the Coptic Web do not necessarily in one form or another, directly or indirectly, any opinions, comments, and positions of the councils or the members of the hierarchy of the Coptic Orthodox Church

The reason is that it is an independent platform and is maintained through the knowledgeable views of the general public for enlightening others about an important people in the history of mankind and their origin. Therefore, concerned Church does not take any responsibility of any kind of views and comments added in the Coptic Web.

Additionally, the website administration and the concerned members of the Copt-Net have done a great job through the creation of this website, as it will be a great resource for the general audience of all faiths. Coptic Network also welcomes all kinds of suggestions and comments from the public for the improvement of the page. The people who are interested are also invited to contribute relevant content and record their suggestions if they want the administration to include a relevant interesting source or content. This can be easily done through contact the Coptic Network maintainer at

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